Chalk Festivals, mask making, and animated comic books

It's official, in a few short weeks I'll be recreating my painting "Journey down the Nile" at the "Chalk it up Prescott" event as an 8'x8' sidewalk chalk image. They even have me on their website.

     Anyway, I'm pretty much over the pneumonia now and am about halfway through my residency at Copper Canyon Elementary. So far I've worked with about 100 second and third graders. For the second half I will remember to bring my camera!

     Phoebe spent last week in Missouri visiting Chloe, since it was her spring break (Everyone's spring break in this family is staggered through this month). They had a great time exploring Columbia, Missouri together.

Professor Dario Bava Pre-Launch Video 1 from Phil Mucci on Vimeo.

   Mike has been very busy as well, teaching and working on comics. This is a video to promote one of the projects he's been trying to get done before we leave for Ireland this summer. Anyway on Thursday he leaves for Anaheim, to work at Wondercon and sell things and such. Also this weekend Chloe comes home for Spring Break and is even bringing a school friend, so we'll be doing visitors from out of town stuff.  In the meantime I have mask orders to fill....


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