The perfect time of year and work, work, work

As far as I'm concerned this is an amazing time of year. The weather in the city is a bit chilly in the morning (it never is in the summer), and then by afternoon I wear a light sweater outside, but if I forget it, that's okay too. 
Last night Mike and I took a walk with the dog up Roosevelt street during First Friday. It becomes a festival with musicians strategically placed on the sidewalks and food vendors and artists, and of course college students everywhere. It was fantastic and we even made it back to our car just before they towed it (phew!). I thought to myself why does this time of year zip past and we hardly get out of the house, and then I remembered all the work piling up in my studio. Work. Right.

At the moment I'm filling quite a large commission for a production of "The Lion King" in NY. As you can see here are 2 more head dresses in progress. I'm also getting quite a few regular mask orders as Mardi Gras is inching closer. 

I'm also in the midst of illustrating a children's book called "Hockey Toes" by writer Sharon Enck, and teaching 3 classes.
... And just because I have piles of work doesn't mean I'm not applying and submitting for various opportunities. Just this week I applied for a 2018 residency in France (fingers crossed) and to be a featured artist at the chalk festival in Phoenix.
Mike has also got a very full slate and it looks like his teaching job at the Academy of Art in San Francisco will be expanding. So that's pretty exciting!

The girls are full swing in their various classes at school. Recently Naomi went out to the World Wildlife Zoo with her 7th grade class. I had hoped she'd have some photos I could share here, but all I've gotten was a text from her after she arrived saying she just spotted a monkey's penis. I guess we'll have to go for ourselves if we want some pictures.  


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