Kissy Fishy and a trip to Catalina Island

On Tuesday night, Phoebe left for a big trip to Catalina Island with her science class.

They drove through the night on the bus and took the boat from Long Beach, California in the morning.

This is a picture of many of the kids on the boat.

Phoebe was pretty excited about going. 

Sunset from Catalina Island
Their itinerary includes snorkel training, then night snorkeling, and kayaking. She's studying sharks today and I hear they will even get to "pet" them (hopefully that will go well!). I'm so glad the school gives my kids these kinds of opportunities.

In the mean time I'm trying to complete my sculpture "Kissy Fishy" for the show at the Chartreuse Gallery. 

Here it is before I added the lips.

Before paint.

Starting to paint.

Finishing the base coat.

Anyway the deadline for the Mutant Piñata Show is next week and this year I've been pretty swamped with mask making and commissions, so this has been feeling pretty tight. I'm sure I'll be done on time though.

In other news, this is me posing with one of the masks I dropped off at the Practical Art Gallery. They have many of my masks on display. Also one of my most regular customers, Sharon Covert of Sharon Covert Photography, sent me more of her incredible portraits with my masks...

With the Queen of Hearts Mask
The Moon Mask

The Cecropia Moth Mask

The last one of the moth is a special commission I made for her. Her photos came out incredible!



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