Some photos, more letters and a trip to the museum

I'm so very excited! Photographer, Sharon Covert purchased two of my masks and shared these incredible photos of them with me!!

More of her photos are here!

These are the masks she purchased...

It's great to see what she did with them. She just bought another one today!!

Anyway Christmas break has come and gone, while it was happening we did manage to get out to the museum for a visit.

The art museum here in Phoenix is the largest in the southwest.

The exhibits change over every few months.

It had been a while since we'd been there so a lot of it was new.

They had a special white shirt exhibit on display.

Unfortunately my camera makes them all look like glowing blobs.

The red dress were easier to photograph.

The circle of animals display was beautiful.

The golden statues.

The pig head.

A magnificent Calder sculpture.

Anyway, my letters for the Eduardo Munez film have arrived in England. I look forward to seeing them in the film! Happy 2016!


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