Installing my glow worms and The Grand Avenue Festival

On Friday morning Mike and Beatrice Moore, (one of the directors of the Grand Avenue festival) and Berto (a friend), and I managed to string up my two 4 ft long glow worms to a tree on Grand Avenue.

It was a perfect day to hang giant bugs.

I also wrapped the tree in glow webbing from Halloween.

The green one peered down at people passing by.

They are a bit creepy, but in a good way.

Anyway, yesterday was the big festival day. We came in the evening when the Papa parade had started...

People on stilts. (Sorry my camera hates the dark!)

A kung fu group.

The strange white aliens.

The street was decorated for many blocks. This is a knitted tree.

A garden of oddities (well, that's what I'm calling it, Beatrice Moore is the creator and I think she has a name for it.)

Her garden is full of strange creatures.

I could have studied at it all night!

There were bands playing.

This neon car.

This woven fence display!

And my glow worms.

Which unfortunately weren't glowing (they had too much direct light). Oh well, they did spend almost 2 months glowing in my bedroom each night, so I know they DO glow if it's dark enough.

Anyway we had a good night, and here's a picture of Phoebe, because she's awesome.

On a side note, I'm still doing hand turkeys each day thru November. Here's my Star Wars one from today. To see my daily turkeys, check out my art blog! Have an excellent week!


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