Building Leonard and The She-Deck Show

The last few weeks between teaching and everything else, I've been busy with "Leonard"...

"Leonard" is a giant lizard sculpture for my upcoming solo show called "Books of Whimsy" (You know that thing I mention all the time and have been working on all year). Anyway here he is in progress. I used a pool noodle to create the right curve to his body.

I hand painted designs on this 6 dollar table I picked up at good will, mounted a book on it and like all my sculptures tried to create the illusion that Leonard was emerging from the book.

Anyway this is Leonard getting his base coat outside on the patio.

And here he is finished.  All pretty and ready for his big day!

Anyway Leonard is done and I'm on to the next one!

Last Friday was also the opening night of the "She-Deck" show sponsored by {9}Gallery downtown.
This is Chloe that night posing with her skate deck (just above her head).

And me with my "Alice in Wonderland" themed skate deck.

It was an impressive show, with some really talented local artists. These two are some of my favorites!

It's good to have a nice outing on a sweltering summer evening!

In other news my new big complied book of "The Horribles" is now available!!!

Anyway this week Chloe is away again at "Aviation" camp.  I signed a paper that said I was ok with her flying a plane (this kid has not even gotten her driver's license!) Anyway, if you see me walking around muttering and staring up at the skies, you now know why!


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