It must be Spring! The Mutant Piñatas are up!

The annual "Mutant Piñata" show opened at the Frontal Lobe Gallery this past weekend...

As usual it was a collection of very cool, but very strange hanging sculptures.

This fish/lizard thing was one of my favorites.

Here's a trio of heads. (The artist goes to school with my daughter at the Metropolitan Arts Institute)

A Chupacabra.

An alien head.

The massive and amazing revolving center piece.

And of course my sculpture, "Neato Mosquito".

As you can see they pinned up his wings for me so he looks in flight.

From the front

Anyway the best news is that he SOLD!! On the opening night.

It's not that I don't like having him around, but when my sculptures don't sell I'm forced to arrange other exhibits or find storage.

Anyway, here are some squids.

 Chloe left for her Mexican Border trip with school Friday morning at 5:30am. You can see here that my photography skills pretty much show how I'm doing at 5:30 in the morning.

We picked her up late last night.  She and her classmates had a really interesting trip and a great time.  They talked to a deportee, walked through the desert and saw the "streamlined" court process for illegals.  She also got to go into Nogales, Mexico.   

This weekend Phoebe's been sick again.  I'm proud of her for directing her school play, but these early morning meetings and late after school rehearsals are really wearing her out.  She's starting to worry me a bit (it's a Mom thing).

In other news, I woke up to this fantastic email on Friday morning...

You have been chosen as a featured artist for a custom mural at the 2015 Park Place Chalk Art Festival. With over 40 artists submitting their concept, you have been chosen as one of 12 signature murals produced over the course of the weekend on SATURDAY, MARCH 28, from 10am-5pm, and SUNDAY, MARCH 29, from 11am-3pm.

Desert Cat 

Looks like I've got some drawing on my knees ahead of me!


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