How Breed Specific Legislaton is messing with my life

This is my dog Oscar.....

He's a sweet little guy, but what I try not to say publicly is that he's part pit bull.

He's also part dachshund,  or "weenie dog".  It makes him very short, long and much smaller than a pit bull.  He's very lazy and sits on our couch when he's not following me around to make sure I'm still there.  He's as harmless as they come and is more than a little afraid of our cat. He's actually really obsessed with us and me in particular.

Yesterday I was invited to be a resident artist for three months at a museum in Denmark on the north west coast.  I was to get a studio and my family and I could stay in the guest house, then I was to exhibit at the museum the work I'd completed while in residence.  Needless to say it was an incredible opportunity.... but I had to turn it down.

Denmark has the most extreme breed specific legislation in Europe.  They would destroy Oscar upon arrival, and if we left him with friends he would just give up, stop eating and die.  It's a bummer but my family comes first.

I'm also angry. These laws were put in place to reduce dog bites, but both The Netherlands and Italy have repealed their laws noting that for some reason dog bites increased significantly after they banned these breeds.  I'm so tired of this nonsense.


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