A late night party on ice

Naomi's birthday was this past weekend and in a last minute scramble for a party we went to the ice rink and she skated her way into her eleventh year!

She opened gifts from her friends.

Due to scheduling the party last minute (and the fact that it was at 8pm at night)we were bumped up to a heated party room instead of the freezing cold locker room we had Phoebe's birthday celebration in last November.

We were all a bit tired of making cakes (we made 2 for Chloe last week) so Naomi chose this fancy chocolate cake from the store.

Make a wish!

All in all it was a good time.  The party ended at 10pm and since they wouldn't let me pay when I arrived (something about possible add-ons), I was so tired I wandered out without paying for it!  I was pretty shocked that I spaced out so much, but our party hostess was holding the door for us when we left, so she seemed to forget as well.

In other news I've transferred my Sea Monster template to the backing boards and will soon begin sculpting.

My poster design was selected for this year's Grand Avenue Festival!! YAY!  (This is not the final image, though, I'll be working with a graphic designer on it.)

This is a recent book cover Mike painted for FST Pulp.  It should be available soon. He also completely illustrated this book that is now available on Amazon, called...

An Arcana Cryptozoology Handbook: Journal of the Kindred

Check it out!!


Okay, okay,"she skated her way into her twelfth year" is more accurate, but I thought that would be confusing as she turned 11.

Oh and yes, we paid for the party the next day. :)

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