The backwards looking boy

Every day when we drop the girls off at school we pass a little boy walking in with his grandma. I shouldn't say "walking with" her exactly, it's more like she's leading/dragging him along and he's looking wistfully behind him.
The first time I saw this I thought "Awww! The poor little guy doesn't want to go to school!" Except that after school I've seen them walking too. Just the same way, with him looking longingly back at the school and she's walking along at a determined pace.
I know what you're thinking, now. That I'm going to point out how if you're always looking backwards you can't see what's coming. It's not good to be dwelling on the past, instead of paying attention to the present, or that if you don't look where your going you're bound to step in something nasty, etc, etc,. Well, you'd be wrong. My point is only this..."That kid's not right!".

Anyway this week I've been working on my duties as set designer for "Once Upon A Mattress" with Looking Glass Theatre. I created this scene title to be projected during the "Spanish Panic"...

... And I'm working on a giant frame that will go around the view screen above the stage to make it look more "medieval castle-ish".  It's currently filling most of my living room.  Which brings me to my other duties of organizing storage space, builders, and painters.  It's getting there.  Fortunately thanks to those crazy anti-girl scout cookie folks (ie A Million Moms) my daughters' cookies are selling like mad this year leaving more space in the living room for my giant frame.

In other news our kickstarter for "The People That Melt in The Rain" graphic novel is down to the last 57 hours. If you haven't yet I suggest you take a look. It's a great YA story told in the comic book format, with awesome illustrations by my husband Mike Dubisch!


Leanne said…
I know it is kind of funny seeing the quirky things that people do. He could have autism,mentally delayed in some way or maybe it's just a power stuggle between kid and Grandma. for years thee was this little guy down the street who sat on a little chair, with a flag and watched cars go by. I never saw him playing with anyone though :(
h said…
The projection looks great! I just finished "costume design" for the world's lowest-budget musical, so I know how goofy this stuff can get :)

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