More sets and props for Nunsense!

Now that the kids are in school I'm trying to catch up on my work. For "Nunsense" I painted this sign for the entrance where the audience comes in...

It will look better on the easel.

I also designed this layout for the backdrop.  

Yesterday I started painting this lunch counter.

Phoebe was helping me. This was built by Ray Evans.  It's still not finished though.

I also wrote two more articles for the Examiner.  I wrote a review called "Art Underwater" about the Art Glass exhibit at the Chula Vista Nature Center (which is an excellent day trip if you are in San Diego), 
and I reported on the Contemporary Art Fair we went to over Labor Day weekend (which you can see here).

Anyway, this weekend, Mike is a guest up at the Lovecraft Film Festival in L.A., so we'll be up there for a few days.  The kids are excited to get away! (I think I am too) :)


Steph said…
Wow, you are very talented, all of it looks stunning. =)
rugged breed said…
Only great individuals can produce things like yours, you are such a gift!

Zero Dramas
Katrina Oakley said…
Wow! I can't wait to see the finished project! Very nice indeed!
Katrina Oakley said…
This is looking awesome! Can't wait to see it all finished! But then again, is something so unique ever really finished?

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