Hiding in The Dark

A woman tells her doctor, 'I've got a bad back.'
The doctor says, 'It's old age.'
The woman says, 'I want a second opinion.'
The doctor says: 'Okay - you're ugly as well.'
 -Tommy Cooper

Have you ever gotten the feeling that perhaps you've been set up?

I have a mild condition called rosacea. It's a rash on my face that sometimes makes it look like I have a sunburn. It shows up much more in photos than in real life. About three weeks ago I noticed a bump on my nose, which meant my rosacea had reached a "deformative stage", so I decided to go to a doctor. She prescribed a gel cream that I put on my face and some antibiotics. I'm a self-pay patient so I was pleased that the whole thing only cost about $350.00. After a week and a half I had a reaction to the antibiotics and went in again. She prescribed a new medicine and told me to stop taking the antibiotics, (so annoying those antibiotics cost $80 and there's so-o many left!). This new medicine cost $500.00, but it was a whole month
supply and I thought it would put me in remission. I took one each day and a week and a half later woke up in pain. I now had a painful (and ugly) rash all over my neck and my face was bright red and hot. I went back in and she told me it was a phototoxic reaction and gave me a lecture about being in the sun without covering up!

I live in San Diego. It's sunny here.... ALL THE TIME! I wear sunscreen ...ALL THE
TIME!!! Now I have a mountain of useless but expensive pills, an uglier rash than I've ever had and a week of hiding in the dark....

While I've been hunkered down in my studio I've got some new images
from the film "Final Resting Place" to share.

Here he says "As you see, at my feet is a hole 6 feet in depth!"

In this one he's saying "Beside me is a coffin!"

"I will bury him alive for 5 days!"

Also this week Round #4 for Small Press Idol has finally begun....
Which basically means you can now pre-order the new issue of "The People That Melt in The Rain"!!! Please go get a copy if you're at all
interested, as I believe we are in last place.
Click here to see it!



Mary Bennett said…
I am soo sorry about the pills, that price tag would have made me faint if it was for anything less than a year or two!
But also, I am soo sorry that the ros is acting up!

I hope it resolves itself soon!!!
Thanks Mary. I'm better now, still not taking those pills though! ;)
Roseacea is no fun. I've dealt with that myself. My dr. prescribed Metro cream for me one time. A few days later I ended up in urgent care. My face was swollen and so were my eye lids, due to the cream. I've never used it again! I take Evening Primrose oil gel caps 1x a day. They come in 1300 mg and 1000 mg sizes. I've used it for years and it helps. I used to take it 2x a day. Just a thought, beats taking all those expensive pills! How do I order a book or is it out on store shelves? Take care!
Thanks Becky! I'll try the Evening Primrose- To get the book you need to go here:

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