Breaking News... Money makes people happy!

As you can tell (or maybe you can't, I don't know) I've changed my blog's design. It's been a year this month since we've moved to California, so it seemed like an occasion. Also I was quite tired of seeing the same blog design on other people's sites (I was using a standard template supplied by Blogger). Any feedback on the new look would be great!

I've been doing some work on the film lately (I'm designing images to visualize an Old Radio Show for a film called "Unseen Horrors).
This is the first real image of "The Professor" from Final Resting Place. Working on this film is a great break from my other projects, but I have so-o much more to do!

There's a new study published about how happy people are when they have a stack of money to count. They gave one group of people slips of paper to count and another group stacks of bills... The folks with the cash were more careful and quite a bit happier. Why are these studies so full of very obvious conclusions? How much money did they spend on this? Why aren't these people giving me stacks of money to count? So many questions...


Lily said…
I don't know what the old look was but the new look is very exciting! I'm stuck in the standard blogger template of boring myself and I'm looking for a change. Oh to have the time...
I'm new to your blog - came across it on Blog Frog. I like the look of it. My son is home from college now so I am hoping he can help me update my header from one of my photos. It is nice to have a change.

Your red headed girls are adorable. We are long time San Diegans - welcome!

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