Museum visits and Easter Eggs

Easter has come and gone or "Pascaus" as they call it here. The day before we colored eggs with our friends from Alaska, Jill and her kids Tor and Kalea. It was very challenging as they don't sell those little pellets for coloring the eggs, so Jill researched natural dies online. We boiled beets, wrapped them in onion skins and somehow managed to make some very pretty Easter eggs.

I brought Chloe to her friend's church, the same one I went to at Christmas. This time I let Chloe wear jeans, though I couldn't bring myself to do so. This time they provided me with a translator so I could understand the sermon better (It was about comparing life to a soccer game) and there was a dramatic reenactment of the crucifixion projected on a big screen over the pulpit. The people were very welcoming and I hugged and kissed about 30 of them. Chloe really loved it, and enjoyed seeing her friends.
Mike and I finally made it over to the Museum of Patagonia (it's only a block away!) and did some sketching. Mike had white paper and I drew on the creme color...

Maybe I've been doing too much facebook, but here are 6 more random notes about life here...
1. Mike went out late to the supermarket one night and was cornered by a man named Pedro who insisted on making him a little flower out of bendable wire. Then he asked him for 2 pesos for it.
2. Mike, Jill, and I and all our kids were enjoying lunch at an outdoor cafe on Calle Mitre when a "mad" man began to pace up and down the sidewalk ranting in Spanish and gesturing wildly. Every time he passed us the kids would roar with laughter. We were debating whether he was upset about futbol (soccer) or politics. I've seen him ranting many times since and now I think he's just lost his meds.
3. While walking through the city we saw a small grey bird with red eyes desperately trying to get inside a car parked on the side of the road... very odd.
4. There is a severe shortage of change (coins) in this country. No matter how close you come to exact change they ask for more. "No tengo monedas." They say this everywhere!
5.The other day Naomi was dancing around the apartment singing "Funky Town", except she sang "Won't you take me to Monkey Town!", after a while she suddenly stopped and said "Hey there's a girl in my class named 'Metoo'!"...Then she resumed singing.
6. The school transports in this country don't have a little stop sign that pops out to keep people from running over your kids. A couple of weeks ago Mike physically stood in front of a car with his hand out to keep an aggressive driver from plowing down Naomi as she got off the bus. The driver then began to gesture and yell at us in Spanish, as we walked away with our kids. Chloe says he shouted "You're in Argentina now, man!"... damn straight!


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