Back to school

Summer is coming to an end here and it's back to school on Monday. Getting the kids ready has been a breeze compared to last year. I had pre-ordered the uniforms and as we shopped for school supplies I knew how to say every item I was looking for in Spanish and I understood everything they said in response (yay!).
I talked with the girls about their first days at school here last year. We had to do a number of takes because Naomi burst into tears. She was in almost complete immersion in the "jardin" (pre-school) and the difficulties of this experience still overwhelm her. Anyway to see the video just use the following link:

back to school

The kids are very excited to see all their friends again on Monday. To give another perspective on life here Chloe has allowed me to post her journal entry about her camping trip with her class last spring.....

My Camping Trip
On Friday I went camping with my class. We went in a big bus to the campground. When we got there they did a head count and we ate cookies. We played war with sticks and played by the water. We raced with a partner in a hula hoop. My group won!!! We put up our tents. Then we played mancha. Malen and I hid from Valen and the light. For dinner we had pizza. I played with Cala. We couldn't sleep in the tents because it started to rain, but we had fun sleeping inside anyway. We went outside , and I was freezing!
For breakfast we had dulce de leche and butter on bread, we also had tea. Then we made boats and raced them in the river. I won!!!
We then had alfajores and moved our stuff to the big tent. We played a game and my team lost.... Oh well. Then we had hamburgers, I had a veggie burger. then they gave us lollypops and went home. It was really, really fun!


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