Christmas time and the sun never sets

It's a week into summer and Christmas is inching closer and closer. The street performers and a throng of tourists have returned. The girls are thrilled to see the fortune teller again. He dresses as a black and white jester and stands very still like a statue until you drop a coin in his tin. Then he springs to life and gives you a little scroll with a fortune written on it, and after a bow of thanks returns to his statue pose.

Mike's been very sick with the chickenpox for the last two weeks, but is finally doing much better. Chloe just returned from sleepaway camp a few days ago. She arrived home very tired, but seemed to have a great time. They played "Narnia" games for the duration of the camp, and her team, "Team Peter", came in second place.

We've been spending a lot of time at the pool for swim lessons and "free swim" sessions. Just trying to stay sane and get our work done with the girls home from school. Mike and I have created a new web comic together. It's called "The People that Melt in The Rain".

It's up at

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

To see a video greeting from the girls go to
Feliz Navidad
To see the second take go to Take 2



Duncan Watson said…
I am glad to hear Mike is getting well. It sounds like the girls are having a ton of fun. It is funny to think about how it is the summer down there while I am cleaning up after 3 inches of snow up here.

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