visas, puppies and packing and more packing....

As you can see, while we've been planning our big move to Argentina, my dog Enzo's found other things to do. He's the craziest mixed breed dog, but very cute. In fact he looks very much like his five sons in this picture. The mother (our neighbor's dog)is a pure bred American Eskimo. A pretty white dog that looks nothing like her puppies. Anyway we found homes for all five little guys.
We've also been running all over the region getting official copies of birth certificates, our marriage certificate, letters of good behavior from the local sheriff and a ton of other documents for our visa to Argentina. Then of course there's the packing and organizing of everything we own. Most things start to seem less essential once we realized the best way to get our possessions into the country was to carry them ourselves. So now it's down to two suitcases each and one carry-on (no problem-right?)


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