An afternoon at McDonalds

We brought the kids over to the play place at the McDonalds this afternoon, while a realtor showed our house. Mike and I sat there with our noses in our portuguese book ready to endure the fabulous McDonald's ambiance. Instead we found ourselves talking to Janice at the next table who was keeping her two young boys busy while her husband was laid up with the stomach flu.
It turns out her oldest son was born while they were living in Hong Kong, they came home on her mother's request when she became pregnant with her second. It was great to talk to someone who's lived as an expatriate. She was so enthusiastic (and jealous) about our plan. We actually had a lot in common. She's reformed Jewish like Mike and her husband is really into comics. I hope we get to meet him. She said they've been talking about New Zealand, I hope they get to go! I guess you never know who you'll meet in McDonalds, that is where we found Enzo (our dog).


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