The Wonders by the Water

Today we headed over to the trolley station and went downtown to the waterfront.

Waiting for the train...

It's a short ride, and it was really nice not to be driving.

We walked towards the water and rested a minute by this incredible mermaid.

We lurked around near the cruise ships, just in case, for some crazy reason a group of five ticketed passengers got cold feet and decide to give a charming and deserving family (like us) their boarding passes! (It could happen :P)

Enjoying the view...

There was a sculpture exhibit called "Urban Trees" along the water.

This was called "The Octoscope". It's a giant kaleidoscope with a metal octopus holding it. I love how it swallows your face!

By the "Giant Spinning Popocorn Scuplture"

Phoebe by the submarine...

Naomi by the submarine...

Saying "Hi" to a horse.

This was a more interactive sculpture...

One bird on an arm.

Three birds on two arms.

Two birds on two arms. One bird on one head!

Rock balancing... This was very cool!

"Look, he's trying to fly a giant kite! I'm running over to get tangled up in it! " After all three kids ran over the poor guy gave up!

Naomi, the magician's assistant!

I think we'll definitely head down to the waterfront again sometime!


Unknown said…
Look at these awesome pics! Looks like you had an awesome time. Enjoying your blog, as well!:)

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