An afternoon at the park

Chloe spent the night at a friends house, and Mike needed to catch up on some work, so I took the two younger ones over to Balboa Park.
We stopped in for a ride on the carousel.

As you can see some Toy Voyagers came along for the fun.

We stopped and ate the packed lunches. Naomi decided to share her sandwich with the fishes.

The koi fish went a little nuts for it (they frenzied over to her... it was a back away slowly moment).

Phoebe found another bird to hold this weekend. Her name is "Mango" and was really very friendly.

Then we found an amazing "Crocodile" sculpture that was great fun...

I really loved this shiny sculpture.

As we waiting in the unfortunately very long line at the ladies room, a woman ran up to my kids and said "Hey did you see the robots? They're over by the pond! You have to see the robots!"

So, of course we did.

Who wouldn't want to watch steampunk inspired robots with a musical comedy act geared towards kids?

This one's called "Upgrade"

This is "Titanium Spine"

and this one is "John" (I know, not so roboty)

The girls loved it, but after this we were tired and hungry. Time to head home. :)


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