Painting "snail #1"

As you may recall (in my last post) I was just starting to paint this guy....

As you can see he's a lovely pink color.  Anyway that's no good, so I started working on making the shell more.....ummm, shell like....

I also painted his light bulbs, I mean eyes, to look like eyes.

This is the other side.  It was nice painting indoors on the kitchen table with the a/c going, but the green paint was for the centipede sculpture and shouldn't be used inside, so out to the patio I went.

Here I am adding the green.

It certainly made him look more snail-like.

It was a lot more unpleasant to paint on the patio in August, compared to February.

Anyway it started getting dark (you can tell as my camera's taking fuzzy pictures), so this is where I stopped.

This is after I finished yesterday morning.

As you can see I added a bunch of highlights.

Another monsoon blew through here last night so now he's stowed away for safe keeping, while I prepare to build the second snail.


HI Julia,
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