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Plague Days 2020 : Things I miss

Moving to Mazatl├ín has been quite an adventure. We've lived here for over a year and learned to love a lot of what this city has to offer. Then the pandemic hit and we stay home and wear masks and wash our hands. 6 months in it's getting us a bit stir crazy. This is what I have been missing. This is cathartic for me, so bear with me. ­čśÄ
#1 I miss sitting by the beach, eating fish tacos, and drinking Pina Coladas (Yes, that was my life here before the pandemic!).

#2 I miss eating in restaurants 

#3 I miss shopping in the crowded local markets

#4 I miss participating in the First Friday Art Walks

#5 I miss surfing (with my surf instructor, Miguel's help!). I also miss watching the giant fish jumping through the waves as the sunset on the horizon from my surfboard. (PS that is not me!)

#6 I miss all the local Festivals in this city!!

#7 I miss selling my masks at the Golden Zone art walk

#8 Going to cafes and drawing from life

#9 Getting involved locally (these are the kids from Wala…

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