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Security, Poverty and Halloween

It's been 3 years now since we've moved to Mexico and it's interesting how much of our life here that we consider perfectly normal suprises our friends from the States. Recently I posted online that secrity forces armed with machine guns were stationed outside our door and people were quite concerned. Honestly though it's not uncommon. We live in Sinaloa, a cartel stronghold, but this is Mazatlan, the "Pearl of the Pacific" and a big money making tourist area for the state so they want it secure. There are armed security forces all over the place in this city, especially the tourist areas. Another thing we've grown sadly used to is the poverty. It does stirke me though several times a day. Like this afternoon when I stepped out my door and the legless beggar I see around was sleeping under our tree that I've neglected to get trimmed (much to my landlord's dismay)- Seriously though-It's a public sidewalk, why is this my responsibility!

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