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A trip, a jab and more hand turkeys

  My month of hand turkeys continues today.  This is the Starlight Hand Turkey. Pizza Delivery Hand Turkey At this point, I have so many new ones that I could create a sequel to my Hand Turkey Book!  This week has been a busy one with Naomi. Her passport was expired and we had to get a new one, so we spent Thursday at the US consulate here. Even with an appointment, we had to wait a long, long time in the sun on the steps. They closed their waiting area due to COVID and the heavily armed guard only lets you in one at a time. Anyway, bureaucracy makes me anxious, and visiting government offices makes me anxious like I've done something wrong.  However, we did it! Her passport should arrive in 5 weeks!  Naomi awaiting her jab I also found out on Saturday that they were vaccinating again at the stadium. Since Naomi was only 17 when we went into San Diego on our Tijuana trip , she was vaccinated with one dose of Pfizer, but never got the second one. So I brought her in for a vaccine. W

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