Halloween at the mall

Halloween began for us 3 weeks ago, with the pumpkin carving event across the street at Michael's Arts and Crafts. We each had a craft pumpkin to decorate. Which looks just like the real thing, except it has no gooey stuff inside and will last I guess till the earth cracks open and finally swallows Southern California.

Then it was arts and crafts at the Lake Shore Learning Store around the corner. After that we went to the "Halloween Spooktacular" at Barnes and Noble at the other mall across the street. And finally, on Halloween day Michael's had a Halloween craft and treat bucket handout we attended.

Life surrounded by 5 malls is like living in a commercial. No, we did not trick-or-treat there (I'm embarrassed to say, I thought about it though). We went to a "real" neighborhood with friends and did manage to attend some great events at the kids schools. Anyway, with Halloween over it's time for the big show... Christmas!


Anonymous said…
I love that first picture. It looks like it should be Halloween in Mexico, not California - and that bottom right pumpkin is downright sinister!
Vh2girln said…
Hey. Comment: Young lady in the Belle dress....good choice in costume. Good choice
Jill said…
CUTE! Would love to see another closer up photo of the girls in their costumes...xo to all.

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