Back to painting on walls!

Well, it looks like we are finally moving forward with the mural!! As you can see from this photo I've gridded the drawing so we can transfer it. My criminal background check has cleared, (though Mike's is taking a bit longer...This happened with his passport too...hmmmm). Anyway we both passed the TB test, and their check cleared so it's a go! YAY!

Today is Guy Fawkes Day in the UK, so "Happy Guy Fawkes Day"! After discussing this at dinner last night we all came to the conclusion that we really need a holiday in this counrty that involves setting things on fire! Then again that's probably not such a good idea here in California. Too many people are already trying to burn this place down.


Anonymous said…
Bonfire night doesn't happen over here and I'm kind of glad. Christmas in summer I can just about cope with - bonfire night in summer would go against everything I can imagine!!
Christmas in summer(in Argentina), with warm weather and timed with school ending, really took some getting used to for us too!

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