Mexico Road Trip Day 2- the long drive

Waking up in Peurto Peñasco was like waking inside a dream with the roosters crowing and sun rising over Sea of Cortez in the distance. We walked the dog on the beach and on some of the back alley, dirt roads that make up part of the city.

Then we got everyone moving and left at 11am for what I thought was a four hour drive.... It was not.

We got on the coastal road and headed south, until my new GPS had her own ideas. She turned us inland, back into the desert and the mountains. Through an area with the biggest tumbleweeds I'd ever seen lining the road. A truck even passed us with a giant tumbleweed stuck in it's grill!

We drove through the country side and passed a huge bloody stain in the road. I think someone must have hit a cow in the dark. We finally got to the small town of Caborca and stopped at a street side taco place for lunch. Mike and I got some ceviche tostadas and Chloe and Carson each ate some tacos. They gave us free chips and some dulce treats for free, and the whole lunch cost 60 pesos for everything (about $3)!!! A quick stop for gas and off we went.

An epic drive later we stopped in Hermosillo. Just for bathrooms and food and some stray dogs circled our car as I took Oscar out for a quick walk around.  We gave them some dog food and slipped Oscar back inside the car. They escorted our car out of there with A LOT of barking and attempts at corralling the vehicle as we drove off.

Finally after 7 hours of driving we arrived in Bahía Kino (Kino Bay).

The drive was worth it. The beach house is gorgeous and right on the ocean.

Unfortunately, Mexico is very cold though. Everywhere we stay there is no heat and no extra blankets. Maybe I'll buy one in the market today.


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