Mexico Road Trip Day 1-Crossing the border

On the day after Christmas we raced in circles getting Naomi and Phoebe off to winter camp with their youth group, doing an airport run to pick up Carson, Chloe's boyfriend, and I was finishing a few last mask orders, paying bills and packing for our trip to Mexico. Yesterday morning, we finally got on the road around 11am and headed to the Mexican border.

We stopped on the road in the desert because the landscape became so interesting.

Chloe and Carson near a saguaro cactus

Oscar in the desert

Mike and I near the very same cactus.

After just a few minutes we hit the road again. We noticed as we got closer the border patrol checkpoints were all shut down as there is currently a government shutdown. The irony of course is that the shutdown is over strengthening border security and building a "wall". (I realize anyone reading this now knows this, but I write for the ages!)

It's a long drive of not much happening till we got to Why, Az

This was our last stop before the border.

The unusual waterfall truck decoration.

Crossing the border was uneventful. No American authorities anywhere, just the Mexican patrol waving us through without stopping. We finally got to our airbnb around 3pm. This is our view from the balcony in Puerto Peñasco.

Oscar on the stairs.

We headed to the Malecon (boardwalk) for lunch. We chose a pizza place. We waited a very long time for I think one of the worst pizzas I've ever been served. It seemed to be a very bad frozen pizza that they heated till brown.

Chloe and Carson on the Malecon after lunch. 

The view of the water.

Pelicans flying down over the sea.

The swinging blue man sculpture.

And Oscar on the Malecon (boardwalk)

Dinner was better. We found a reliable place and ate seafood. Which makes sense by the water. All in all, though, a great first day in Mexico


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