Spring Break in Santa Fe

For the last few years since we moved to Phoenix we've had a number of people suggest that we visit Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It's quite the art mecca for the south west and, well, Georgia O'Keefe's museum is there.  So this year for the school break we packed up the car and drove and drove and drove, and it was kind of  really far!

But we got here on Sunday night.  After the epic drive Mike and I had a bit of beer, which apparently hits you pretty hard at this altitude (7000 feet!).  We've been catching our breath quite a bit. We're staying in a condo on the edge of town.  Across the street is a giant molecule....

It makes for an interesting and unique landmark.

On our first full day here we went to check out the plaza and the famous "Canyon Road".  This is photo of the girls in town while they waited for Mike to get change for the meter.

On the street near the plaza.

The donkeys close-up.

Everywhere we look are these dried hanging chiles.

Mike with an amazing sculpture.

We stopped to take a look at the artisan's  market.

This artist was painting right there.

Chloe at the market.

Phoebe looking at bracelets.

Phoebe being nutty on the pedestrian bridge.

Ok, now she's done.

Chloe climbed the tree in a tiny skirt!

The skeleton walk sign on Canyon road.

The crouching figure outside a gallery.

I'm amazing by the mastery of balance the sculptor achieved in this.  It's very easy to create sculptures that tip over.

This sculpture of a mediating woman looks very cracked and broken, but at night time the cracks glow with an inner light.  I'm sure it looks incredible.

This pig was guarding the back door of one gallery.

Another amazing study of balance.

The book archway that leads to a sculpture garden.

Naomi enjoying the garden.

The frog prince.

Oscar in the garden.

We found a place to stop in for lunch on Canyon Road.

Phoebe really liked this salad, so she photographed it.

Did I mention there are chiles everywhere?

We walked on and found another sculpture garden.

Phoebe the bear whisperer.

And again.

We managed to find the Sumo wrestling frogs. Something I never realized I wanted to see!

Phoebe connecting with the deer.

The awesome hippo!

Time to head back.

"Mom-stop taking pictures!"

In other news I sent my painting "Cats in The Orange tree" off to Kuala Lumpur, Malasya. I created it for a May exhibit at the Aswara Art Gallery, and it's to become part of their permanent collection. Also the kickstarter for my book "The Hiccup Monster" is still going along.  We're almost a third of the way to our goal!! Take a look if you have a minute (and if you feel like supporting us with a couple of Canadian dollars, that'd be awesome!!)


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