Ghost Ranch, the foundry and the glassworks

For our second day in New Mexico we headed out on a drive over to Tesuque Village to visit the Tesuque glass works and the Shidoni foundry.

This is part of the showroom at the glass works.

There were many fascinating things including these glass eggs.

Of course there were chiles made of glass.

We watched a glass blowing demonstration.

He created a red, gold and green tumbler, and used a mold to press it into, which was interesting.

This is a wax cast of a sculpture that one of the artists was prepping to be cast in glass.

After the Glassworks we took a stroll thru the sculpture garden by the foundry.

There were many unusual sculptures.

This sculpture looks like an internal organ from .....something.

Phoebe really enjoyed posing with the statues.

This one is in front of the foundry.

Here she joined a line up.

Being a bird.

This statue has no face.

Chloe briefly got in on the act.

An interesting fish.

Phoebe with the statue children.

Mike with a rather strange demon statue.

One with an interesting hat and cape.

These statues were recently poured. In the back you can see the bumpy shapes of a sculpture in it's mold.

This one was inside the foundry and my photo doesn't do it justice.  It's a woman with a crow and it looks almost mechanized.  It was amazing.

Phoebe, of course found sculptures inside the gallery area to pose with as well.

After the foundry we went to the Tesuque Village Market for lunch.

Phoebe's sandwich with sweet potato fries.

From here we drove into the mountains.

On the road to the Ghost Ranch was this pretty little cabin.

The little cabin was very old, and abandoned.  I thought maybe it could be Georgia O'Keefe's house, but it turns out it wasn't, though I think it was nearby.

Naomi got a little sick of driving.

Ghost Ranch is a beautiful place.

This is called the Ghost house.  It was mostly empty, but they had a skull, and chilies of course.

Enjoying the painted horse.

A selfie before hiking to the labyrinth.

We all walked the labyrinth.

It actually takes a long time.

Oscar was walking it too until he decided to stop in front of me.

Eventually we all got to the middle.

Ghost Ranch was a beautiful place. I can why it so inspired Georgia O'Keefe.

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