A Kickstarter and some shoes

The Kickstarter by my publisher, Fuzzy Belly Books has launched this week!  

This is the video!  They hired a voice over actress and it looks fantastic!

Anyway they are hoping to raise $1000.00 to help launch and publish the book.  If you pledge you can get a signed copy.  If you pledge a lot you can get some of the original art from the book and a signed copy!

In other news, this week I completed my "Shoe Series"....

I created these for two different shows in the Czech Republic.

The first exhibit will be at Gallery Artedomus, in Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou, CZ 

The second will be at the  Borovina Museum in Třebíč ,CZ.  After the exhibits they will be part of a charity auction. I shipped them off yesterday. 

And last but definitely not least I've been constructing a very large sculpture again.

This one is called "The Penguin Inside". (My apologies for the lousy photo).

This was my concept sketch.

I still have quite a lot of work ahead of me.  


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