July begins!

For the 4th of July we went to Hollywood again and used our pass to visit Universal Studios.  It was hot.  Really hot, and crowded (mostly with people from out of the country who don't celebrate the day we sent the English packing).  However, we had fun. We stopped in on shows we hadn't seen and went on rides we enjoyed in the past.  Then after dinner we drove home through L.A. while the city exploded with fireworks around us.  It was an amazing ride with some explosions happening right overhead and in front of us. I've never experienced anything like it!

Chloe has been home from school on her summer break (her sisters don't finish for a couple more weeks), and noticed in the paper that they were soliciting essays about "What Harry Potter means to me", as a send-off to the big movie release.  So she wrote one and sent it in.... They LOVED it!!  Now a photographer from the Union Tribune is coming by to do a shoot on Thursday!  In the mean time Phoebe has managed to set up a summer job for herself.  She'll be tutoring our 5 year-old neighbor in reading and writing.  Not bad for a nine-year old. :)

Tomorrow is my first rehearsal for "Get in on The Act".  The variety show from Looking Glass Theatre.  I'm working backstage, which reminds me... I need to go shopping for nice black shirt.


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