Hello Kitty is so big!

This is my new painting. It's called "Hello Kitty is so big, for some reason". 

Today Chloe is attending theater camp. She is upset, because the part she got in the play is an old man named "Grunt".  I think it's kind of funny though. :P

This week my first article for the Examiner was published!  It's called "San Diego Comic Con, The Gathering of Artists".  If you're planning on coming to the convention, it's full of useful (hopefully) advice! 

We also had a review of our comic, The People That Melt in the Rain,  come out on this site!  Which is great.... Except it's in Greek and I don't really know what it says.  I did the  "Google translator" thing, and it seems to be a positive review, but many phrases are odd when you use one of those things.  Anyway, if you're able to read Greek or want to practice, here it is on Comicdom!


Anonymous said…
I love the fact that there is so much happening at your end and you balance each role with poise..Good luck to all your ventures and have fun!
Thanks Fiducia.- Best wishes!-C

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