Comic con begins, school ends, and "Annie" goes on... and on....

We went to preview night Wednesday night and it was the usual comic con madhouse.  The girls and I handed out comics and a woman rushed over and asked to take our picture.  I shrugged a yes and she snapped a photo.  Then she hands me a piece of paper and says, "I'm from XX1090am- sports radio! Your picture will be on the radio tomorrow!"   Sounded way too much like that old joke (you have a great face for radio).  Anyway she handed me a piece of paper, and there's the website..... Our photo is here!
(It's photo #33 -make sure it's the Wednesday 7-20-11 gallery).

I took some pictures of us painting yesterday on the NYC backdrop at "Annie" camp...

These are some of the camp counselors. They love working on it.
Detail of buildings.
More detail... Sorry about the shadows of the trees. We also finished the orphanage and got really far on the mansion, but I haven't got photos yet.

Yesterday was  Naomi and Phoebe's last day of school.  After school they went to a friend's house where Naomi, rather conveniently, lost her report card.... hmmmm.


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