"Annie" in a week, and the craziness begins

I'm working at the CYT Theater camp this week, where we're putting on an entire musical ("Annie" -in case you didn't notice that in the title) in one week.  It's very intense, for all of us.  The kids are constantly rehearsing, and rehearsing, and rehearsing some more.  It's really more like a theater marathon!

Anyway I thought I'd share my sketches for the backdrops…

Here we have New York City, which I drew while others traced with markers, yesterday onto the backdrop. We started painting today. I'll try to get some photos but the camp has photo restrictions.

This is a rough drawing of the orphanage… It looks much better on the backdrop. We finished this one today.

And This is Daddy Warbuck's mansion, which we will start on tomorrow...

Speaking of things starting today, San Diego Comic con begins tonight.  Here's an article about it (Mike and I were interviewed a couple of weeks ago by The Reader)!  Anyway we're in it, of course this isn't my first appearance at SDCC like they say it is, I just meant I usually have a "Exhibitor" badge.

This is another article.  This one I wrote for the Examiner. It's about The U.S. Open Sandcastle competition, which is happening this weekend as well. So traffic will be mad crazy here in San Diego with hundreds of thousands of people driving to these insanely popular events!! Happy trails!


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