On the radio...

It's that time again.... Well next Monday. We'll be doing our live show here...
Art of The Red River

This show we'll have my co-host Wade Zahares back from his trip and interviewing Diane Washburn from  A.W. Corporate Art Works.  Diane is a graduate in Art From the University of Maryland, and represents artists from across the United States.  Giving us her insight on the world of Corporate art.
Also on the show will be  Lulu award winner and Disney animator, Elizabeth Watasin.  She'll be talking about her very cool YA book  Wit's World :Never Was...

And our third and final guest on Monday, interviewed by Mike , will be the muli-talented and famous Shane Evans.  A children's book author and illustrator who's books been featured in such places as Oprah, Reading Rainbow, and Late Night with David Letterman.  He just (as in about a week ago won the Image Award from the N.A.A.C.P. for his book, My Brother Charlie, Written by Holly Robison Peete and Ryan Elizabeth Peete.

Shane also developed the popular “Shanna Show” for Playhouse Disney, which spun of into “Shane’s Kindergarten Countdown.”

Anyway it's all happening on Monday the 28th at 12pm central.

In other exciting news, two more of my books are on the Barnes and Noble site and available for the Nook!  The Horribles, Book One- yes the original creepy beginning!
And Las Personas Que Se Derriten En La Lluvia - The People That Melt in The Rain in Spanish!!
Not to worry if you have a kindle.... This means they will be on sale soon on amazon! 


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