Urban sketching and a day in Coyoacán

We spent a second day with our friend, Jorge, in Coyoacán, a barrio that is filled with art, beautiful parks and many authentic markets.

Mostly we spent some time in the central square.

My fountain selfie (sorry I'm not very good at selfies).

The central square had many artists set up to sell their work and paint.

This surrealist artist was incredible. His name is Gustavo Verduzco Juårez. Also a very nice guy.

Other than meeting artists and browsing the many markets I did go ahead and try a local snack.

Yes, those are grasshoppers. People seem to eat them by the handful. I tried one, and it was sort of spicy and crunchy, but I could feel all the bug parts in my mouth and couldn't stop thinking about it!

We've also been continuing our project of urban sketching around the city.

This is Mike's drawing from the back of a cathedral.

My drawing of a statue

My drawing of the same cathedral

We've also done so much walking around this incredible city. This is Mike walking through Barrio Chine (china town).

China town is just a few blocks from where we are staying.

This is another of the many elaborate cathedrals built by the Spanish. If you look closely at these buildings you can see most of them are tilted because they are sinking. Jorge told us that the Spanish did not understand how to build here and these building are way too heavy.

On a spooky bench.

Mike on a weird bench.

We've been spending time painting inside the historical building called Casa Borda, where we are staying. Now the cats that live here love us. This one is really sweet.

This is my painting inside the building on the second floor.

Anyway we are loving this city and the people are very kind. It's astonishing that a city with 25 million people can be so incredibly clean! ¡Hasta luego!


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