Printmaking and exploring this crazy, amazing city!

We came to Mexico City for 2 things. One was to continue our efforts at urban sketching, and the other was to meet local artists. On the very first day we met Sonia, who showed us her studio in Roma and gave us the opportunity to try our hands at linocut printmaking.

I decided to try and do a Katrina (the skeleton with the big flowery hat from every Day of The Dead event you have ever seen). Before you judge my sketchy carving, please keep in mind this was REALLY hard to do!

This was Mike's block. He created some monster designs after Mexican artist Artemio Rodriguez.

Sonia helping Mike set up his block to ink it.

Putting the ink on.

Me, inking my Katrina.

Mike's block on the printing press.

Here is his first print! (CDMX stands for Ciudad De Mexico)

Placing my block on the press.

My first print.

This experience made for an excellent first day!

I love this old historic building we are staying in. We are on the top floor with a view of the city!

The archway on the rooftop, by our apartment.

I really love just walking through the city using the many pedestrian roads in this area.

Around every corner there is always more to see like these crazy statues on the the balconies of this building.

There are also many cats that live in our building. They hang out in the courtyard, and on the rooftop terraces. Ride the elevator, crawl in open windows and wander all around the different apartments, then they leave out other open windows.

On our second morning at 5 am this one sat on our bed and wailed at us until we chased her off.

Also on our second day we took a vespa tour starting in barrio Roma.

I could not get that helmet on straight!

It's amazing how fast you can get across town during rush hour when you can weave between cars!

I think in the future we will stick to less terrifying ways of traveling though.
Anyway we are loving this city, it's an amazing place to be!


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