Spring in the Valley of the Sun

As of yesterday spring is officially here.  The breeze dances with the scent of citrus trees in bloom all over the city, and this is a common sight again...

No,  we're not experiencing flooding and these people don't have a burst pipe. 

This is how many homes, businesses and parks in this region water the lawn.  It's water pumped in from the Salt River that once a week floods the grass.  So, if you're in Phoenix there's no need to pound on anyone's door in a panic about the flood in their yard.

Last Friday I sat at the table again for the Mutant Piñata show.  There was a buyer for my piñata for all of one day, but that fell through, hopefully, he will find a home.  Anyway as I sat I spoke with the curator for the show, Beatrice Moore.  She invited me to participate in the "Hanging trees and Woven fences" festival in October down on Grand St., which sounds exciting.  

She also was kind enough to explain "Swamp Cooling" to me, which is how they cool the gallery (and many people here cool their homes).  It's a machine that pulls hot, dry air in from outside through wet pads that cool the air and propels it inside.  It's something that only works in a dry desert-like environment, and is MUCH cheaper than air conditioning.  I believe it was invented in Iran.

Anyway, the weather is still very pleasant here.  Some days are above 90ºF but most aren't.  We have our own plans to get out of the city this summer, though.  We have conventions in Albuquerque and San Diego to look forward to.  Happy Spring!


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