My new e-book! and other stuff

 Here it is the re-release of "Little Scotty Scaredy Cat!" My e-book about a child who's terrified of mascot characters. It used to be a free download on my website, but it's been re-edited, reformatted and has a number of additional illustrations.

 Years ago when I attended the School of Visual Arts in New York, I took a 3D illustration class. One of the assignments was the egg drop. We had to design a vessel that would keep an egg safe for a 9 story drop onto East 23rd Street. Since this was art school it also had to look really good. We weren't training to be engineers, so at the time I thought this was ridiculous. It turns out I use that lesson often whenever I have to ship fragile artwork through the mail...

Anyway, we've been  been watching obscene amounts of Star Trek lately.  While we do this I've been painting.
This is called "Moon Cat"

It's up on eBay right here!


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