A birthday, a journey north, and a new venue

I've been wanting to order one of these photo blankets for years, but I never had a good reason. Then Mike's Aunt Jill's 70th birthday gave me one. So here it is -Max (her labradoodle) in blanket form!

 On Sunday we went to Sedona to meet up with them, and we brought the dogs to the dog park, and for a hike.

Sedona is, of course, a beautiful place for hiking.

Oscar and Max got chance to meet, and got along pretty well.

After hiking we stopped in town for a bite to eat.

There was an incredible Merlin statue I just had to get a photo of in the plaza.

Afterwards was we stopped in at the very sunny art fair. Oscar did great on his first trip out of town.  On our way home we saw another dog in the road on a very busy street across town.  We pulled over to try and help, but several other people beat us to it (thank goodness, I'm not sure what we would have done with a car full of kids and a dog).  Unfortunately seeing the other dog terrified in the road made Oscar tremble all the way home.

Today was pick up day at the "Mutant Piñata Show", and Bajumba didn't sell (though 2 different buyers fell through), anyway he has a new venue for the next couple of months.  

He's on display at Madison #1 Middle School in the library.  It's funny he looks so tiny in these photos but he's actually over five feet long.


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