The things we kept

Christmas break has come and gone, but most of what came has stayed past the lazy vacation days. In particular.... This guy....

Phoebe and Oscar
Without tags or a microchip, Oscar (or Oz as we also call him) is here to stay.

We've learned from the vet that he's a year and a half old, so he's not getting any bigger. He hardly barks and like many rescue dogs he follows us around.  Especially Mike and I. 

We're treating the ear infection he acquired from his days on the street .  He doesn't like the treatments.
He walks to Naomi's school with us each day, because he really likes the kids.

 And everyone likes him.  Except my cat, Izzy, but she's watching him.

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed and he's still there!"

This giant bear is also still hanging around.

In other news I've been busy painting more mandalas.  This one is up on eBay this week!
It's going to be year of the snake in 2013!


h said…
The dog is too cute! He reminds me of my childhood dog who was a small-medium shelter mutt. It seems like yours is a great new addition to the family!
Oscar makes friends everywhere he goes. Our theory is that he's a "Doxie-Bull" (a dachshund/pitbull) due to the fact that he has a yeast infection in his ear (dachshund's get those a lot), he's short legged, and he never barks (maybe once or twice in a week!). He's awsome.

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