Remembering Martin Luther King

"We may all have come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now." -Martin Luther King

I looked up quotes by Martin Luther King and out of over 300, this one jumped out at me. Mostly because it's still so relevant to civil rights struggles today in this country.  In 1963 my Dad marched on Washington with Dr. King.

Someone even snapped a picture of him and ran it in the paper (probably because he wore one of the ridiculous paper hats they handed out!).  It was something I've always been proud of him for.  

Today we decided to go down to a local festival honoring Martin Luther King...
When we got to the park we were greeted by this saxophone player.

 We walked about.

Then we spent all our money on expensive burritos and lemonade.

 While we watched one of the performances, we got kicked out because we brought the dog and dogs weren't allowed in the park today. What about animal rights? Oh well, I guess they could tell we'd already spent all our money.


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