A truck crashed into the house today.

At 9:28am as I made beds and gathered laundry, a loud BOOM! shook the condo.  My dog jumped six feet in the air and the cat bounced off the walls.  I was sure a meteor hit our roof.  I peeked out the window and saw a young Asian man look straight at me through the window as he drove a big truck down the complex driveway.  My husband, Mike ran outside in a panic and saw that he'd hit the eves of our roof with his truck....

So now the roof looks like this.

Mike was sure he'd stop as his whole front end was pretty damaged but he just cruised down the drive and out of the complex.  So now we're just waiting for the police to show up.  It took me awhile to stop shaking (it's been hours and the cat's still freaked!).

In other news, the vote for which piñata I should build for "The Mutant Piñata Show" resulted in this one...
So stay tuned for the progress, I'll start the build this weekend!


Unknown said…
Did the police catch the guy? I sure hope so because what he did could further damage your roof. Eaves are important because these encourage water to run off the side of your house rather than directly down its walls. If water is allowed to run down walls, several leakage-related problems can come about. I recommend you having it fixed as soon as possible, before heavy snow or rain comes.

Willie Norman
Well, we rent the place and the roof is as it was. I hope that we haven't had further damage though. At least the snow isn't an issue here.

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