Stephen King's house and the Sunbeam roller rink

Naomi's birthday rolled around so we headed off with the neighbors for an evening of skating...

It's a tiny little rink next to the lake, and one of the few nearby places to the lake house.

The kids got the hang of it pretty quickly.

With the sun setting outside most of our photos looked like this.

Naomi, though had a blast.

A week later we took the time to visit Stephen King's house in Bangor, and got some great photos of all of us posing in front of his impressive wrought iron fence.   This photo is not one we took.  Those were deleted off my camera by accident (Grrrr!!!)

Still, Bangor is a lovely town, and we had a tasty lunch at the Seadog Brewery that day (which we only ran into to escape a downpour).  It was hard getting used to all the rain.  Even when it wasn't raining the moisture would linger in the air making everything damp and sticky.

 It was great, though, to get out for the day, away from my work. I'd been busy creating sketch after sketch for a children's book project called "The Case of The Plucked Chicken", and it was starting to grow tedious. If you're ever in Maine, Bangor is an excellent day out!


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