Discovering Phoenix and a journey to LA

We spent the last couple of weeks exploring this city...
We made a visit to the Phoenix Art Museum, which really impressed us.

This one is called "The Artist that Swallowed The World" by Erwin Wurm

There was a special show up about paper. (Yes, this creepy sculpture is made of paper)

...And then there was this.

The naked mole rat lady, well, that's what we called her.  As Chloe and I studied her an older couple walked up to it and the woman said  "What kind of weird rodent is that! Like something from another planet! " Chloe looked at her and said. "It's a naked mole rat."
"Like nothing I've ever seen. Some kind of alien."
"It's a naked mole rat"
"Nothing from this planet."
"No, it's a naked mole rat."
"Yes. Some kind of alien."She walked away shaking her head.... Then, exasperated Chloe looked at me "MOM!!"  
"Yes, I know honey, it's a naked mole rat."
We also went to the "First Friday" event that's held every month here in Phoenix.  This is us boarding the trolley to take us downtown.  

Me on the trolley

Here's Mike looking at an interesting sculpture. First Friday is a packed citywide event that is mostly an Art Walk.  There are musicians and food vendors and craft vendors.

...And for the one we went to, zombies of course.

Chloe likes gnomes

We could only see a tiny corner of the art walk this month, but in the end we saw some interesting work, heard some good music and ate some local food.

We also saw some artists and bands perform live.

The girls and I with HP Lovecraft
We were sweating each day through 105º heat when we first arrived, so we were really looking forward to our weekend in San Pedro, California, where Mike was a guest for the Lovecraft Film Festival.  We've been going every year so it was nice to do something normal.

Cody Goodfellow leading the "Cthulu prayer breakfast"

 It was also good for me to finally watch the film that Mike worked as concept designer on "Stay at home Dad". 
Such a crazy, short film.  If it comes to a festival near you, check it out!!!

Mike's table

It was nice to be back in California for a day or two, but it wasn't much cooler. We were sweating as we walked about and in the end glad to be back when the festival was over.


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