Are the Japanese weird? Of course not.

I was recently called out on Facebook for sharing this video and suggesting the Japanese are weird..
The video is about a fashion trend called the bagel head, where people alter their foreheads to look like the photo above.
It's temporary, I guess there have been stranger fashions.


But still, the strangest photos I have seen online are ALWAYS from Japan. (Maybe I need to spend some time in Tokyo and learn about the culture.)

In other news I finally blew the tooth fairy thing for the last time.  Now all three kids know I'm the  fairy that always forgets and sometimes gives them money.  Naomi found her tooth sitting out on my desk and too many questions led to full disclosure.  No, I don't dress up, (maybe some of you parents do-I don't know) but perhaps the fact that in this country we tell our children that a magical fairy is sneaking into their bedrooms late at night to buy their teeth is a bit weird too.


Meghan said…
My friend just told me about the "bagelhead" trend, but I hadn't seen any photos yet. It's kind of horrifying!
It's saline so it does just get absorbed by your body. It reminds me of Star Trek aliens. :)

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