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 Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey!
-Barbara Hoffman

Parties, parties, parties. First there was the goodbye party from Looking Glass Theatre, which was at Pam Raney's house, who, aside from being an incredible costume designer, also throws a great shindig.  Then there was the graduation parties (one after another-you'd think they earned a PHD not a promotion into High School!).  Now I'm scrambling to put together Chloe's 14th birthday party. We're having it at a fire circle on Fiesta Island this weekend.  The kids want to burn their old school uniforms as a symbolic "goodbye forever Roosevelt Middle School" gesture. (I went through and made sure the uniforms were far too worn out for donating.)

For Father's Day I wrote another article for the Examiner about artist and designer, James Hubbell.  Each Father's Day there's an open house at the Hubbell House which is an incredible event here in San Diego. You can read all about it here.

This coming Monday is our radio show and the guests we have lined up are really great!  We have designer and illustrator, Mike Nelsen from St. Cloud, Minnesota joining us.  Then we'll be talking with visionary landscape painter, Caren-Marie Sargent Michel from Maine, and finally Rebecca Hicks from San Diego will be here talking about her web comic and book series, "Little Vampires". Be sure to tune in for Monday's show! (It's sure to be excellent).

Speaking of web comics, my series "The Horribles" has begun a new chapter called "The Horrible Show".  You can squint your eyes and try to read the first page here, or just go to the site. Also of interest is our series "The People That Melt in The Rain" which is in the middle of a riveting chapter here! 

A couple days ago I received the girls new passport cards in the mail.  They look great, nice and sleek compared to that clunky book.  Unfortunately I'm not sure we'll have time to visit Mexico again before we leave, but it turns out we'll be using them anyway as we're crossing into Canada on our way to Maine.  In fact since we're only going to be a few hours from the border I'm sure we'll be exploring Quebec next year instead.  It's funny when you fill out a passport application they ask you your travel plans.  Last time I wrote in that we'd be going to Brazil and we wound up going to Argentina and Chile, and this time I said Mexico, but we'll be using them to cross into Canada. Somehow I always get it wrong. Oh well.
Happy Thursday!!


Unknown said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm interested in reading more of yours. It seems your family have been quite the travelers.

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