A bonfire on the beach and "The Art of The Red River" returns

Last weekend we had Chloe's 14th birthday party at Fiesta Island.

There was a lot of swimming and sun.... Lots of sun.

We roasted veggie hot dogs, and made some campfire cones (this was a pretty cool recipe I found online. We took waffle cones and then filled them with chocolate chips, berries, and mini marshmallows.  Then we wrapped them in foil and heated them by the fire thus making a yummy, gooey mess thoroughly enjoyed by the many teenagers).  It was a very long, but successful event, and the next morning Chloe was off to a week of Girl Scout camp.

As I dropped her off early the next morning for the bus, I hugged her goodbye.  
"Bye Mom."
"Will you write?"
"Probably not."
"Oh. ok."
"Oh come on Mom, I just don't get homesick!"
The fact is she's just not a clingy kid. She gave me that same nonchalant,  "Bye Mom," on the first day of preschool, so nothing's really changed there.

An hour after that I was live on the air with this month's "Art of the Red River" . Our guests this month were cartoonist, Rebecca Hicks, designer, Michael Nelsen and plein air painter, Caren-Marie Michel.  It was an incredible show for us and this month's guests were naturals on the radio. The show was archived here!


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