Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.....Last days of summer!

For the last week or so we've been trying to squeeze in some vacation like activities, even though Mike has a mad deadline.  Yesterday we brought the kids to the beach....

 This is Ocean Beach around 5pm.  (Yes, I bring my kids to the beach an hour or two before sunset).
Even at five the sun was pretty intense.
The girls went in the ocean and the sand!

Naomi attempted to build a sea wall.

After the beach the girls changed their clothes in the nasty beach bathrooms and we headed up the street into the town, (where there just happened to be a street festival making dinner super convenient!)
I've been busy buying up back to school items for the kids this week.  I took each kid out one at a time so I could think straight.  In the end though, this just meant I had to do three mega shopping trips instead of one.  Next year -different plan.
I just had another Examiner article published this week here! 
-It's about some of the amazing library programs we've been attending, and will attend this fall!
This week my thoughts have been with our friends and family on the east coast as they clean up from the massive mess of Hurricane Irene.  Fortunately no one I know was hurt, but flooding near our old house in Greenville, NY was very bad, and many people lost cars, businesses, and homes.  Much of the contents of our old house are still in storage in Greenville , but we have no news on it's status.  The good news is that the house in Maine just had some branches down, so that's quite a relief.
This is the first year that all three of my kids are upset about school starting.  Maybe I'll take them to that giant puppet parade this weekend. :)


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