Labor Day weekend

As the weekend winds down and we prepare for a new school year I thought I'd share some our latest adventures...

We witnessed some amazing kite flying in the Seaport Village by the bay.

Discovered these froggy friends by a gallery in the Seaport village.

And ended the evening with some excellent pizza after a spin on the carousel.

On Saturday we took the girls and their friends to a Contemporary Art Fair on the bay front.

The art show was incredible. This head is a house that you can go inside of.  The kids all took turns and rang the little bell (that was also shaped like a head).

The ceiling looked like seashells (this was huge!).

This is a famous series of paintings of La Boca, in Buenos Aires by an Argentine artist, Poupée tessio. At this part of the exhibit the gallery had a big plate of flower cut watermelon out and all the kids lined up to stare at it.  The lady smiled and cheerfully offered the kids some.  It was such a departure from the underlying hostility we get from so many art museums and galleries that panic at the sight of children, but of course, she was from Argentina!

After the art show they had a drumming demonstration on the lawn by the waterfront.

Once the kids were all trained on the drums they did a big parade with puppets and kites!  All in all a pretty good outing. :)

Monday was the last day before school began so to distract the kids from this horrifying reality (as they put it) we spent the day at the Chula Vista Nature Center. Here's everyone (except me) before boarding the shuttle bus.

On display was their "Art Aquatic" exhibit.  Which as you can see here was some beautiful art glass worked into the fish tanks.

 Here we have "Mrs Puff".... ((Sorry stupid Spongebob Square pants))  :P

"Nemo" (Ok-I watch too many cartoons.)

Find the eel.
  I can't help but post pictures of jellyfish.
The girls with a very active snake.

Naomi studies the art glass with fish display.
The big sting rays with sharks tank was in a separate building.
Phoebe finds a place to nest... er, rest, I mean.
Loved these sea turtles.
Hiking into the marsh in the rain.
Near the raptors outside the center. It was a gloomy last day of summer, but my kids love the rain. 
Hope you all had an excellent Labor Day weekend!


I love all of the pictures, how pretty and neat.

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