The shortest week

 School began on Tuesday in the rain. It seemed cooler outside so I pushed some hooded jackets on the kids and sent them off.  By noon the rain stopped and the temperature spiked.  A record high here and in the hot and humid afternoon we picked up three hot and sweaty kids from school. They all were happy though, despite the fact that Chloe's middle school has 100 more students than last year and Phoebe's class is has a whopping 36 kids in it. This year the only complaint was the heat.

Which lingered into the next day... And the next.  As temperatures spiked, here and in Mexico and out into the desert, air conditioning was cranked across the region (not in my house though, ours is broken).  Which means of course a BLACKOUT!  Yesterday around 3pm the power blew. 

Here at our condominium complex people sat by the pool reading books, talking to each other, and playing cards and mancala.  All the kids jumped in for a swim and one neighbor gave them glow sticks.  Like everyone else we rummaged around in the cabinets for dinner, looking for things that don't need cooking, now that the public grill has been removed.  This place became an actual community!  I couldn't believe it!

 At 9:00pm last night (and again at 6:00am this morning) we received a call from San Diego School District.  All schools will be closed Friday due to the power outage.We spent the evening in candle light, and went to our very hot beds.  After finally drifting off our fan burst to life at 2:00am, signaling the restoring of our power and the end of the "crisis".  Oh well, back nodding to our neighbors as we pass them in the hall. 


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